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Lake County  Indiana Driver's License Lawyer

Hardship License & Specialized Driving Privileges Attorney Serving Northwest Indiana

Everyone makes a mistake from time to time. The thing is, with most people, that mistake is simply a bad choice from which they can learn and move on. However, when your mistake involves your driver’s license, you could be looking at long-term implications that can have serious real-world consequences.


If you have lost your driver’s license (whether permanently or temporarily) or otherwise suffered some adverse consequence in terms of your ability to lawfully operate a vehicle, we can help you. We offer a number of services related to driver’s license issues.

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Driver’s License Suspension?

Sometimes, you may be facing the prospect of having your driver’s license suspended. This can have results that range from being a minor inconvenience to something that can alter the course of your life. Particularly if you live in an area where driving is a necessity in order to reach your place of employment, shop for groceries, and so on, having your driver’s license suspended can be a real problem.

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Driver’s License Reinstatement

If your drivers license is suspended because you received too many speeding tickets and/or failed to appear to court it could seem like an overwhelming task to get reinstated but Attorney Ed Fontanez can assist you in simplifying the process and get you on the road again quicker than you can on your own.

Specialized Driver’s License / Hardship License

If you cannot obtain a valid license due to being suspended by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) for a "no insurance  violation" or even due to nonpayment of "reinstatement fees" we can still help you obtain a specialized driving privilege (SDP) so that you can drive to work, take your kids to school, go the the doctor, etc.

Although a SDP may limit you to driving only at certain times or under certain conditions it is much better than the alternative which could cause you to be incarcerated. 

Driving Record Cleanup

Sad to say, but sometimes your driving record can follow you around for years after the fact. Long after you have paid your debt for your mistake, the record of your transgression can remain. This can impact things like the amount you pay for auto insurance, your ability to hold certain jobs, and other things.


If you have a mark on your driving record, you don’t have to just shrug and bear it. In fact, in many cases, the law allows for a process to clean your driving record up. This means that the record of all those mistakes can be alleviated or even eliminated altogether.

​Do you need the help of a driver's license lawyer? The Law Office of Eduardo Fontanez can help you.


From our office in Hammond, Indiana we happily serve clients throughout Lake County and Porter County Indiana and throughout Northwest Indiana. 

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