Reducing Ticket Penalties

     One option would be that Attorney Eduardo Fontanez can try negotiating with the prosecutor in reducing ticket penalties, which means getting the judge to reduce or dismiss your fines and/or driver's license points. Obviously, a reduction or elimination in fines will make your bank account happy, but understand that reducing or eliminating your driver's license points can also help you avoid various situations—from increased car insurance rates to license suspension.


Traffic School.     

One of the most common alternatives to standard ticket penalties is attending traffic school. Not only can traffic school help you get a ticket dismissed, but it can also remove driver's license points (or prevent points from accumulating, depending on your state's laws) and even lower your car insurance rates.



In some circumstances Attorney Eduardo Fontanez can even get your ticket dismissed. 


Some factors that would allow that to happen would be: 

• If the issuing officer doesn't appear in court (this rarely occurs).

• You agree to plea to another less serious non-moving violation.

• You comply with an unsupervised probationary period (for example: a 6 or 12 month deferral of prosecution).


NOTE: Understand that even if your ticket gets dismissed, the court still might require you to pay some or all the fines.

 Looking for a Northwest Indiana Traffic Attorney? Then you should call Attorney Eduardo Fontanez to work for you. If you receive a traffic violation Attorney Fontanez will work for you to reduce your traffic ticket penalties, negotiate alternative penalties, and/or dismiss the ticket altogether.